Fancy Pants Man
Personal Information
Gender Male
Family Icky Pants (sister)
Occupation Hero
Residence Squiggleville
Production Information
First Appearance World 1
Last Appearance World 1 Remix

Fancy Pants Man is the main protagonist of The Fancy Pants Adventures game series, both Fancy Pants 1 and it's sequel, Fancy Pants 2.


Fancy Pants Man is a stick figure characterized by his wavy/spiky hair and orange pants. He commonly holds a pencil in World 3 of Fancy Pants 1.

In the sequel, once a player successfully scores the snail shell into the designated hole for the level (however, this is not required to complete the level itself), the player unlocks one of several different playable pants colors for Fancy Pants Man-- which can be chosen in the achievements section of the main screen.

Game AppearancesEdit